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Tempio and Gallura

ThePetit Hotel is situated in Tempio Pausania, a town based in Northern Sardinia, to exactly in Gallura, an area that is renowned all over the world for its wonderful coastline and wild and unspoiled nature. The hotel has 59 rooms, a restaurant, a bar, two meeting rooms, two elevators and a garage. A highly qualified, helpful and reserved staff will welcome you, putting at your disposal all the services that the hotel has to offer. The chilled and elegant atmosphere will allow you to spend your time in a relaxing, comfortable and private environment either if you are going to come and visit us for a relaxing holiday or on a business trip. Also, since it’s based in the heart of the town, you can have easy access to banks, post office and to all major services.




Petit Hotel L.go De Gasperi 9/11 Tempio Pausania (OT) Sardegna Tel. +39 (0)79-63.11.34 Fax +39 (0)79-63.17.60

e-mail petithotel@tiscali.it

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