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Tempio and Gallura

Tempio and Gallura


In the heart of Gallura, the most well-known area of Sardinia, famous for its untouched beauty, it’s situated Tempio Pausania, a pretty town of around 15.000 people at only 30 km from the beautiful beaches of Gallura. It is surrounded by vineyards and cork tree woods, the towns offers a gorgeous view of granite rocks, real geological symbol of this extraordinary region. A wonderful pine forest takes us into the heart of the town to "Fonti di Rinaggiu" where, inside a very modern spa, flows well known diuretic mineral water.


Close to Tempio, there are the mountains of Monte Limbara, the highest peak reaches 1300 meters of hight (Monte Balistreri). Monte Limbara is ideal for quiet walks through pine woods, fir trees, chestnut trees,






Beetween sea and mountains...

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